Good translations are a necessity in the global marketplace. Whether it’s a technical document, packaging, software or marketing materials, we will help you achieve success in every language!

Our approach

We will optimize the translation process to work for your needs, schedule and budget.

  • The 2-eye principle (translation only) – the qualified linguist transfers the meaning of the source language into the target language and proofs his or her own work.
  • The 4-eye principle (translation and edit/revision) – a second qualified linguist reviews the source text and translation and recommends corrections, as needed.
  • Translation, edit & proofread – after the translation has been edited/revised, a 3rd native speaker checks the translation for linguistic accuracy.

Based on the subject matter and volume of your content, machine translation together with human post-editing might also be an option.

Other linguistic services

In addition to translations, nlg also offers:

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Compliance and requirements

nlg is certified to the European standard for Translation Services
EN 15038.

In addition, our processes are standardized and compliant with
ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 13485:2012. We certify the accuracy of our translations.

Success in Every Language