Software localization tools

At nlg, we don’t use a default Software Localization (L10n) tool. Instead, we build our technology solutions around your specific needs.

Our approach

  • We begin by reviewing the resources files, overall context and scope of the project. Next we’ll select the appropriate localization tool for your needs.
  • We will also perform all the necessary tasks needed to produce a high-quality deliverable, such as resizing and testing.
  • We have also developed our own software localization tool for. resx (.NET resource) files, which allows easy control of
    character and pixel length limitation. This tool is compatible with all other Translation Memory (TM) and software localization tools.

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Value-added service

We consider our technology solutions a value-add for our clients. As a result, none of our systems are for sale.

Our solutions are designed as long-term solutions to improve quality, workflows, and processes.

Success in Every Language