TM Tools

At nlg, we do not use a default Translation Memory (TM) tool. Instead, we will work with you to select a TM tool that best suits your needs.

Whether you have a highly evolved system in place or are using a more "conventional” process, we will identify the best technology to optimize results. Depending on the requirements, we either:

  • work within your enterprise class Translation Memory System (TMS) environment,
  • build a customized workflow using the most suitable off-the-shelf TM tool, or
  • use our own Next Level Translation Memory System, which allows faster, better and more intelligent hierarchical leveraging. Via web services, this tool can connect with any CMS, streamlining and automating faster exchange of content and information.

nlg invests a lot of time and money in system development, training and collaboration with TM management tool providers. We have certified tool trainers on staff and are an official training center for some TM tool providers. You can count on our team for the most up-to-date knowledge on TM tools.

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