TM Management

Translation memory systems (TM systems) are an industry-wide solution to make the translation process quicker and more cost effective. TM systems create bilingual databases that store translated segments so that they can be reused again in the future.


  • Increased consistency
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Cost savings, because sentences translated once will be reused again automatically at no or at a reduced charge.

Our approach

At nlg, we customize the TM management process to your specific requirements. Together we’ll analyze your needs, existing processes and system environment and customize the best workflow in order to achieve highest benefits.

Part of this customized process is identifying the most suitable TM system. We have extensive experience with most off-the-shelf TM applications and have also developed our own TM tools for structured content such as XML and SGML.

In addition, we’ll help you set up the TM system and workflow in the best way. This includes:

  • Creating TM databases from scratch.
  • Cleaning and maintaining existing TMs.
  • Managing and reconciling multiple vendor TMs.
  • Intelligent leveraging strategies to maximize reuse.
  • Use of TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) format to ensure content sharing across TMs.

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Next Level TM Management

Our database-driven system provides you with a central management tool for TMs and TM information. Learn more about our TM Management tool

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