Software localization

Software localization is the adaptation of help files, user interfaces, resource files and databases to your target market requirements.

With extensive experience in software localization you can count on nlg to achieve success in every language. We will help you with:

  • Consistency in terminology and style, completeness, language-specific grammar and settings.
  • Layout, appearance, size and alignment of all on-screen text.
  • Terminology consistency with online help and documentation.
  • Testing of all aspects of the localized version, including context, character display and dialog boxes, among many other things.

Our approach

We typically use Translation Memory Systems to achieve consistency between software and documentation in all versions. This also helps you optimize localization cost through leveraging.

To localize specific user interfaces and resource files, we have also developed our own special Software Localization Tools.


To ensure accuracy of the User Interface, we document testing procedures, test input data and test results. To test the linguistic, cosmetic and functional elements of localized Online Help we test the translated Help files on each language’s native Operating System. We generate screenshots and customized reports as needed.


  • Onsite testing
  • Remote testing
  • Virtual or physical testing environments

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