Next Level Service

When you work with nlg, you will quickly recognize that we are taking service to the next level.

Localization can be a challenging process. That’s why you deserve a team of dependable and highly-experienced professionals you can rely on and who will help you achieve success in every language.


As an nlg client you will work with a dedicated multilingual project team who will help with all aspects of the localization process - the same people from start to finish. And you will be able to rely on quick response time, proactive solutions and senior management commitment and involvement at all times - not just when contracts are signed.

Knowledgeable and collaborative partners

Your problems are our problems. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve success. After all, we view our client relationships as long-term partnerships that thrive on collaborative relationships and mutual efficiencies

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Value-added service

We consider our technology solutions a value-add for our clients. As a result, none of our systems are for sale.

Our solutions are designed as long-term solutions to improve quality, workflows, and processes.

Success in Every Language