Next Level Review System

The Next Level Review System will make it easier for you to schedule, manage, review and exchange translation review projects. It is available as a desktop application or a web-based tool and has helped us reduce client translation review cycle time by as much as 60 percent.


  • Manage, schedule and control reviewers, the translation review process and the status/progress of translation review projects.
  • Select reviewers based on areas of expertise.
  • Minimize translation review cycle time using our multi-editing functionality.
  • Guarantee all translation review participants access to correct source and target files, translation memories and other reference material.
  • Provide reviewers with real-time access to validated terminology.
  • Easily manage large numbers of files per translation project and language.
  • Quickly access all actions/modifications to a project through the system’s database.
  • Preview files using our 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) editor and PDF preview.
  • Take advantage of features that are compatible with QA and Regulatory requirements.
  • Produce reports for modifications, actions, log reports and assessment.
  • Automatically update translation memories after the review cycle is completed.

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Desktop or online

The Next Level Review System is available as a desktop or online platform.

The web version is hosted and doesn't require any installation. The reviewer can access the system from around the globe as long as they have Internet access.

The desktop version is installed on the reviewer’s machine and will require Internet connection only to retrieve and update or finalize projects.

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