Customized Technology

From small applications to large enterprise-class systems, nlg’s powerful technology solutions will help you achieve success in every language.

Our approach

We build our technology solutions around your specific needs. After all, you have unique challenges, processes and requirements.

Our software development processes comply with the ISO 12207 software lifecycle development standard and we use SCRUM methodology for an agile development approach. As a result, you’ll be able to monitor progress, request changes and edit features immediately during development. 

In addition, we use a Hybrid Cloud approach in our development process, combining two or more clouds (private or public). This means all components are developed in a way that allows us to move from one model to another without affecting the rest of the system. 

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Our solutions

Our suite of tools is designed to simplify the localization process. These tools serve as a starting point. All systems can be customized for your specific needs, or new solutions can be developed specifically for you. Solutions include:

Next Level Production Automation

We have developed a variety of customized solutions that can help us optimize our internal workflow for your projects. This includes applications, tools and scripts that:

  • Parse and compare files.
  • Validate files (such as XML).
  • Automate QA processes.
  • Analyze authoring variance.
  • Convert files from one format to another.
Success in Every Language