Next Level Client Portal


You know how challenging it can be to review and monitor project status. That’s why we have developed the Next Level Client Portal. The web-based portal empowers you with all the tools you need to manage your translation projects.



  • New project requests. Initiate new projects and define parameters.
  • Quotes and orders. Monitor the status of quotes or orders and access all information at any given time.
  • Project deliveries. Access and download final files.
  • Quotation - invoice approvals. Assign "approvers” for your invoice who receive an e-mail, visit a link, use the security code provided in the e-mail and approve or reject quotes and/or invoices.
  • Project reports. Generate project overview or detail reports.
  • Translation delivery certifications. Generate and export translation delivery certifications.
  • Note and commenting. Communicate with project managers via comments/notes. A complete audit trail is kept and is available under each project.
  • Client review cycle progress. When in-country review is a process component and if the Next Level Review System is also used, a complete status report is available under each project.
  • Client reviewer scheduling. When in-country review is a process component and if the Next Level Review System is also used, the availability of each reviewer is displayed to help schedule upcoming review projects.

Our Next Level Client Portal can be extended and customized to support client-specific workflows for specific industries.


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