The nlg team has a long history of working in the automotive industry – from large automotive manufacturers, on down to auto parts suppliers and service providers.

This has given us a clear understanding of the localization challenges, and solutions, within this sector.

It has also allowed us to develop a large network of translation resources in a wide range of languages. These linguists are extremely familiar with all aspects of automotive content – from catalytic converters to engines, brake systems and much more.

Process expertise

  • Structured content – capability to process huge volumes of SGML and XML content using content management systems and localization tools. This includes customized solutions to help translation workflow, such as interfaces between client side CMS and nlg’s TMS.
  • Collaborative approach - bringing together participants from all phases of the automotive production cycle helps
    establish "lean" thinking and innovative practices.

For more details, please review the Automotive Pre Sales and Automotive After Sales pages.

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Customized technology

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