About us

When you work with nlg, you will quickly realize that we take localization processes to the next level.

We are a privately-held company with locations next to the Munich Airport in Hallbergmoos, Germany, Florida (FL), USA, Tokyo, Japan and Thessaloniki, Greece.

nlg is certified to ISO 9001:2008, EN 15038 and ISO 13485:2012.


With more than 10 years of experience as a localization service provider, you can trust nlg. We offer translations into 42 languages and have developed the tools and know-how needed to help you succeed.

nlg is a leading localization service provider in the life sciences, automotive, power generation and heavy equipment industries and has developed long-term relationships with many major corporate clients around the world.

Customized technology

From small applications to large enterprise-class systems, nlg’s powerful technology solutions will help you become more strategic and efficient with your localization solutions.

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Managing Director
Michael Oettli


"You’re an exciting, innovative company. I wanted to come here to see how you manage to do it."

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